Suit Pin with 2 Rose Gold Smooth & Solid Heart

Suit Pin with 2 Rose Gold Smooth & Solid Heart


Rose gold suit pin with 2 rose gold smooth charms and rose gold solid heart hanging from it.

Suit pin measures 60mm in length.

Photo area of each charm measures 25mm in diameter

  • Care Instructions

    1. The charms are plated metal so will tarnish and can discolour, if kept out in the open air or exposed to moisture (humidity) over long periods of time just like any other jewellery.  Using a jewellery cleaner (dry jewellery wipe) will remove most discolouration and restore the charms colour.

    2. The photos are sealed with a waterbased sealer/glue and glass to preserve the photo.  However, they are not always 100% watertight around the edges where the glass meets the metal.  If they are accidently wet with a sprinkling of water (like rain) it should not damage the charm, but they are not waterproof so do not have them submerged in water.